Conversations on YouTube become a highly profitable side hustle

Having youtube as a side hustle is no new topic, and many youtube automation “gurus” are all striving for attention to their 10k/month course in their quest to bring you on board. But YouTube automation is time-consuming, costly, and often does not allow you to portray your passion and creativity.

In the midst of increasingly professionalized videos and channels on YouTube, we all tend to forget the “amateurish” vibe that YouTubers portrayed that brought us close to them and the platform. Raw unfiltered videos have become highly edited pieces of content striving to keep retention rates on their videos high.

A fairly unknown YouTuber caught my attention by creating a video about titles and thumbnails being useless. The YouTuber in question is Kevin Chee, and the video ended up gaining over 100k views and bringing Kevin from 4K to over 12K subscribers. Kevin’s entire YouTube channel is based on basic editing and authenticity. And is proof that there is an audience for every creator as long as they are consistent.

Kevin made a video before his breakthrough about how much he made doing YouTube as a “side hustle”. I highly recommend you watch his video, but in short, he was making about 50-100$ a month with 3k subscribers and about 6-10k monthly video views.

Kevin Chee’s youtube revenue after 1 year of being monetized

This leads us to the topic of today. Creating a YouTube channel where you discuss a topic of interest that you may have, has become a real way of earning a decent side income. Now other YouTubers have hit higher numbers than Kevin, but his authenticity throughout his journey is truly remarkable and is why he is the case study for today. He has proved how anyone can grab their phone and record a video discussing basically any topic, gather a following that resonates with that topic and start monetizing the process.

Regarding this new style of content creation that essentially has been around since the beginning of YouTube (yes i know it’s contradictory, but i’m referring to the recent increase in a content style that has been around for a long time.), the barrier to entry is very low, and the opportunities are limitless. This personalized approach allows you to take your topic of interest beyond YouTube, maybe to a website or an app, but that is a topic for another time.

With Billions of people on the platform, I hope you realize that there is a potential audience for everyone. And even though this won’t make you a millionaire, it is scalable, can add up over time, and you get to be yourself and talk as if you were having a normal conversation. Now that being said, I’ve been your author Paul, and I hope to talk to you again very soon 🙂